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My martial arts experience first began with wrestling and kick boxing in Afghanistan, and then continued when I moved to Germany to further my education. Over the years, I have practiced Karate and Judo (1 year), Taekwondo (7 years), Budo gymnastics (26 years) and most importantly, Escrima (25 years).

At Left: Grandmaster Rene Latosa, at the right: Master Bill Newman and their long time student Rasaq Qadirie in the middle.From each of my teachers, I have learned gained a wealth of knowledge in teaching martial arts - not only with regards to technique, but also with regards to different methods of encouraging and motivating individuals to do their best and get what they need out of martial arts training.

I learned for many years pure Latosa Escrima under the personal advise of Grandmaster and founder of Latosa Escrima Rene Latosa (USA), Master Bill Newman (UK) and Bernd Schubert (GER).

One of the most important concepts in Escrima is the principle of the "figure eight". Kineseologists, have shown that the practice of the figure eight principle has helped children and adults with coordination problems to (re)develop balanced and strong motor skills. The figure eight principle in Escrima works an many levels -mentally by linking the left and right brain in a balanced and dynamic way, and by linking the brain and body (thought/ concept and movement/ action). The figure eight principle is displayed in most of the techniques from footwork to striking styles.


GGM Rene Latosa : Rasaq Qadirie : GM Bill Newman

Barnhard Stadtler : Kai Kuehn : GGM Rene Latosa : Steve Teppin : Rasaq Qadirie : Thomas Mathews

Rasaq Qadirie : GGM Rene Latosa

GGM Rene Latosa : Rasaq Qadirie